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Friday, March 28, 2014

New Watch_Dogs Info... and mechanical death spiders from the fiery pits of hell?

Ubisoft have sent out a new Q&A to clear up some info about Watch_Dogs.   The developer, however, didn't comment on the screens that people have taken from the end of the newest trailer which can be seen below.

It's been said on a few forums that these images are part of a hacking minigame...
 or your nightmares, whichever works

1.      Are there day/night cycles in the game? 
Yes, there is a real time day and night cycle. Time of day is not scripted.
2.      What weather systems can the player expect to experience?
We have a lot of different weather possibilities from sunny and calm, to stormy and rainy. Wind, rain, fog and clouds all have several degrees of intensity and are all systemic.
3.      How do you manage to ensure every NPC is unique? 
Every NPC has unique qualities that distinguish him or her from others in the game. There are over 3000 character kits and an almost infinite amount of unique profiler possibilities.
4.      How many concurrent NPCs can there be?
The number of NPCs players can encounter at one time depends on a variety of factors like time of day and location. If it’s mid-day, then players will see more NPCs going about their busy lives. At night, we have fewer NPCs reflecting the patterns we see in the real world. The downtown core of Chicago is also a busier area with lots more citizens than a more industrial region, for example. Our main goal was to ensure that the world feels as alive as you’d expect in a major city like Chicago. And of course, the next gen consoles allow us to place more NPCs in the world than we’ve ever been able to do in current gen consoles.So it’s hard to give specific numbers, but rest assured, the city will feel alive like players have never seen before with many unique NPCs populating the city.
5.      Can you hack absolutely every NPC in the game?
Yes, every NPC can be hacked. Based on their profile, a variety of hacks are possible. You can also hack elements in the world to influence the behaviour of NPC’s around.
6.      What different environments can the player expect?
Chicago is a rich and diverse city and we want the player to explore every inch of it There are 6 different districts in WD, all with really different looks, types of NPC’s and vibe.
7.      How many different vehicles can the player drive?
Over 75 different vehicles from bikes to compact, heavy, muscle, off road, SUV, luxury cars, or speed cars, all of them with their own realistic physics.
8.      How many different hacks are available in the game?
Over 100 hacks.

Of all of the the Q&A's I have read, this one is certainly the most... recent.   We don't really have any info here that we didn't have before, except an exact figure for the number of vehicles available.  Despite the fact that it is definitely fewer than the 257 offered by GTA V, I think that we can all agree that 75 is more than enough for this type of game.  
Despite all of the criticisms of Watch_Dogs floating around online, I am both sceptical and optimistic about what it will bring to the table.   If even half of what they mention about NPCs works out then we are looking at a truly next gen game. 
So what do you guys think about Watch_Dogs?  Excited? Sceptical?  Let us know in the comments
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