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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

'Ace Combat Infinity' Soaring onto PlayStation 3's May 27th

If you've been itching for hot jet action, or wanting to roleplay as Maverick with an actual reason to, then set your targets for May 27th as this is when Ace Combat Infinity will be ready for lift off.

This is still a free-to-play game (as announced last year) and features a single-player campaign as well as both cooperative and competitive multiplayer. Namco Bandai have even announced plans for PvP modes, though no real information has been released.

Ace Combat Infinity takes place on an alternate-reality Earth. A moon orbiting Jupiter has been destroyed and its up to you to save the planet from its debris. Sounds like an odd idea on paper but I have this odd feeling it's going to be fairly epic.

It's also free-to-play, so why not try it? Right?
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