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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Adam Sessler Leaves Rev3

Adam Sessler, veteran of the industry, has announced that he is leaving the games journalism scene.  Having worked for ZDTV before and after the progression to TechTV and then continuing to work there after it's evolution to G4.   In 2012 Adam Sessler joined Rev3 and worked there as Editor in Chief and Executive Producer of Rev3 games content.

On a personal note, I wish Adam all the best with whatever he does in the future.  He was one of the few games journalists that I consistently trusted and consistently put out good, and insightful, content.  The news is not entirely a surprise, those who watch Adam's videos regularly could tell that he was edging towards the opinion that he was getting too old to continue work in front of the camera...

On his blog he posted:
"After some incredible achievements over the last year and a half, I am announcing my departure from Rev3 Games and Discovery Digital Networks.  Sixteen years in front of the camera covering the videogame industry has brought me to a point where I am ready and desiring to explore new opportunities.  While I would never say no to doing one more review, interview or opinion piece, the time feels right to explore new avenues inside of gaming that help further the medium.  The audience, my wonderful and talented co-workers and the last year at Rev3 Games will forever be appreciated for what was accomplished.  There never is a right time to part ways with something that has become as natural as breathing, but things do end and now feels right."

So where does Adam go from here?  Well, according to his twitter, he is now the President of TheoryHead Inc., a consultancy for entertainment and media.  After doing some research on the company I came up with little to no information about it other than the fact that it was founded in 2010, but I have reached out to Adam himself for a comment and will keep you updated. So, does this mean that he is done with games journalism entirely?  He has said that he is not against the idea of writing the odd review or opinion piece.  If I had my way he would start journalism work away from the cameras, perhaps at Giant Bomb.  Who knows?

I will leave you with my favourite video from the man himself:
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