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Friday, April 4, 2014

Assassin's Creed Unity Screenshot Leaked

Earlier today an image (right) appeared online.  It is a screenshot taken from a YouTube video which you
can watch here. Or at least, you could if it wasn't already taken down by Ubi.  So, the question that remains would be: is this a real image or is it concept art?  I mean, I hope that it is real but I will keep my sceptical hat on until we see some definitive gameplay. (and possibly even for a while after that.) 

NeoGAF user 'Abriael' emailed Ubisoft Communication Manager, Alberto Ziello to ask for more information on the screenshots.  He got the usual response of 'no comment', the exact reply was: "Of course I saw the picture published on the web.  We don't comment on rumours or speculation on unofficial material.  We'll share official gameplay pictures of Assassin's Creed Unity over the coming months." My best guess is that this probably is gameplay footage leaked by Ubisoft to create hype for the game.  It is free marketing, so why not? 
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