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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Aztez Looks Amazing

The upcoming, beautiful, 2D game Aztez looks fluid and amazing.  I will admit that coverage of this game has been around a while but, unfortunately for me, it skipped my radar.  I hadn't seen anything of it until I was browsing different threads on reddit and came across one showing gifs of this game, and god do they look pretty.  

The game has faithfully recreated Valley of Mexico and is set in cities across it during the 15th century and the formation of the Aztec Triple Alliance. Indiegamer had this to say about their time with the game " “The overworld map will provide locations for the brawler segments to take place. For example, a plague may break out in one of your cities. You may have to go in and kill the infected commoners before they can spread the disease. Another situation may require you to put down rebels during a tax related uprising. Failure may result in a loss of money, or even the city itself.”

Get hyped.
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