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Friday, April 4, 2014

Guide: How to Respec Your Skills in 'The Elder Scrolls Online'

"Oh man, I just leveled up. Can't wait to put a Skill Point in Flurry of the Forgotten Souls of the Frongheimen Marsh!" *click* "Oh dammit! I clicked the wrong Skill! I don't want Bullfrog Transformation of the Slithering Tongue. Time to start over..."

Ever clicked the wrong Skill and wished you hadn't? Not sure how to get up when the only way seems down? Does your life seem like a complete waste of time, as you travel through Skyrim as a sad, sad toad?

Look no farther! We have the solution for you! Simply head to the appropriate skill shrine and you'll be able to respec your skills for a very low cost!

You can only find the Rededication Shrines in the third tier difficulty locations. They are also specific to your Faction, so make sure you are searching for the right city!

- Ebonheart: Mournhold in Deshaan

- Daggerfall: Wayrest in Stormhaven
- Admeria Dominion: Elden Root in Grahtwood
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