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Thursday, April 10, 2014

H1Z1: Survival MMO From Sony

Sony Online Entertainment has announced that they are working on a new Survival MMO called 'H1Z1'. The game, which is named after a fictional virus but not unlike H1N1, the Influenza A subtype which caused the huge Swine Flu scare in 2009, but ultimately was just fear-mongering on the media's part (shocking, right?).  It seems that in the universe of H1Z1 the people are not so lucky.  Civilisation has been decimated and small bands of survivors roam the remnants for loot or for the hope of building a base, something to start from, expand and rebuild humanity.

So far, so-so. The one thing that President of SEO, John Smedley did touch on was the fact that it will be a persistent world.   This is the one thing that does excite me.  I want to get an eye-patch, a room full of severed heads, build a town and demand that you all start calling me the Governor.  Smedley also said that you will be able to mount weapons on to your town/camp/city's defences.  

All of this excitement was slightly abated when I heard that it would be F2P.  I'm generally sceptical of F2P models.  It's not that they system can't work, because it definitely can, but that it is so often terribly implemented.  I do, however, have two points that make me a little more hopeful for this game.  

1) These are the guys that did Planetside 2.  Monetisation in that game was done pretty well. 
2) Smedley, when asked on reddit, said this: "You seriously don't need to spend a dime.  We're still figuring out the monetization but we will telegraph our plans early and let people comment and we'll listen if they don't like something and come to a place where people feel good about it."

The game will run on a modified version of Forgelight and will be able to hold 'thousands of players in one place'.  On top of this, it has been said that the map size will be 'orders of magnitude' larger than PlanetSide2.
If you are excited about this, you might not have to wait too long to be able to play it.  This tweet was put out recently by Smedley: 
All in all, I am pretty excited about this game.  It seems like it is being worked on at a faster pace than the DayZ standalone.  The one thing that it needs is a large community that can trade with each other... It needs people to be able to build these fortresses that are persistent.. it needs to steal DayZ players.  I don't know how it will achieve this but I think that if anyone can do it, it's SOE.  Then again, maybe DayZ will come out with some big news to counteract this.  The ball is in their court now.
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