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Friday, April 11, 2014

Hitman GO launches next week!

Square Enix Montreal has announced that 'Hitman GO' Will be launched on April 17th.  The game, which will be available on iOS and later on android devices, will be a turn based strategy game.  I am surprised at how excited I am about the launch and at a $4.99 price point I will definitely be picking it up.

On the Square Enix site they posted:  'If any of you are at PAX East in the US this week, you’ll get to play some of the game ahead of launch at our Square Enix booth. Plus there’s a good chance that you’ll run into members of the dev team, including the game’s Creative Director, Daniel Lutz, who will be on-hand to show you the game, answer your questions or give an interview if time allows! If you’re not at the show, keep an eye on the Hitman Twitter and Instagram accounts for from-the-booth coverage.'

The game will have 68 levels which can be unlocked by completing side objectives within the game.  The studio also mentioned it's plans for long term support and additional content, so we will see how this pans out.  

All in all, I am pretty excited about it.  Mobile games are something I am finding more and more interest in during my commutes to work.  The vast majority I have tried I lose interest in pretty quickly.  Perhaps this can hold my attention.  I think that the trend of mobile games being casual and only for kids might be coming to a close.  Perhaps they will never have the depth of 'real' games but they can certainly be taken seriously now.

I hope.
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