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Monday, April 7, 2014

New Borderlands Game!

It's hardly surprising news to hear that there is a new Borderlands game in production, given the success of Borderlands 2.  The previous installment of the franchise sold 7.5 million copies.  With that said, this new game is not Borderlands 3.  The game, which is to be headed up by 2K Australia, is going to take place between the events of the original and second Borderlands (does that make it a prequel?). 

The game is said to take place on Pandora's moon Elpis as well as Hyperion's 'H' shaped base, both of which you can see in Borderlands 2 (Picture after the jump).  With PAX East just around the corner, and Gearbox having their own panel there, I expect that we will have an update on this very soon. 

The full leak came from GamePointsNow, it details that the game will focus primarily on a younger 'Handsome Jack' when he was still a programmer named John.  You will take control of one of four characters: Athena: The Gladiator, Wilhelm: The Enforcer, Fragtrap or Nisha: The Lawbringer.  The leak goes on to say: 
"There are two whole new weapon types to get your teeth into this time around. Laser weapons and moons go hand in hand so you won’t be disappointed there, but the real fun looks to be in the Cryo class of guns, couple that with the games low gravity setting and it’s a case of set your phasers to fun (sorry) as you freeze and shatter your foes."  
It does not, however, mention it's source, simply saying that it 'got info'. I have no reason to distrust what they say but I think I will take it with a pinch of salt.  One reason for this being that games change through development... a lot.  

(Hyperion's base outside 'Elpis'.  Possible settings for the next game)

Whether this was leaked by 2K themselves or GamePointsNow broke embargo, thus negating any chance they had of getting info in the future, I am unsure.  I will, however keep you all updated on any new info that comes out.  
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