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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

[Opinion] - Why Telltale are Important to Gamers - Updated

Telltale are now working on multiple projects, including: The Walking Dead, Wolf Among Us,
Tales from the Borderlands and Game of Thrones. The setup that they have for working on games is unlike what other studios do, they are one team with one group that diverts attention where it is needed, so you may work on game of thrones this week but you could be animating the next walking dead next week.

So, why is this important to gamers?  Well, we have known for a long time that games can tell multifaceted, complex and amazing stories, but to those who do not play video games they don't hold this same sort of reverance. They are violent, dumb or Mario.  That's it. You compare someone who does not play video games... compare their feelings on video games with how you felt the first time you played through The Last of Us.  Try and compare COD and The Last of Us.

These comparisons do not work, this is because games are like movies, some are action movies with little to no plot, some are attempting to be philosophical and some take a single story of an ordinary person and make it interesting.

Storytelling in games is still in it's infancy.  Even revered games like The Last of Us have a simple story to tell (it does, however, tell that story very well). Then you take what Telltale are doing. They are making these stories with interwoven plots and making them accessable to everyone. You don't need to have lightning fast reactions to play those games, you don't need to be very familiar with the layout of a controller to do it. Anyone can pick it up and create their own story (to a degree).

I am not saying that this is the way all games should go... we all need the instant gratification that you can get from most FPS titles. My point is that games are too broad a medium for anyone to judge as a whole, and that the people who played games when they were a novelty are now creating them, they are older and want to tell more mature stories.

This means that the next time a new GTA comes out and there will, invariably, be a mass shooting which news commentators will say happened because they played a video game, and video games are rotting the minds of our you impressionable citizens we will have more people on our side, more people that have experienced the story telling that video games can acheive. 
[EDIT: Literally took less than a day for this to happen]

Are Telltale the best company to do this? I don't know, I am pretty sure that they don't even know what they may be doing (and it's a big 'may') but they are doing it regardless and people seem to be enjoying it.

The only worry I have right now is that they are stretching themselves too thin. They have a lot of projects on the go, I guess it would be possible if they have two working at once, then on the off season do two more.

What do you guys think? I have completely lost it? Or some good points? Let me know in the comments.
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