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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

'Super Smash Bros.' to Feature "Smash Run" Instead of "Adventure Mode"

Announced during today's Nintendo Direct broadcast is a new mode for the upcoming Super Smash Bros. sequel. Titled 'Smash Run', it's the substitute for the original 'Adventure Mode', sporting a completely different style and layout.

Masahiro Sakurai describes 'Smash Run' as a cross between a platforming marathon and standard combat. You'll race through a labyrinthine dungeon, collecting power ups and destroying AI for five minutes, pitting against one another once the time limit is up. Those power ups you collected are now your ammo to win the 4-player battle.

Keep in mind this is exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS Super Smash Bros., and no indication of it being available for the Wii U version has been given.
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