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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Top 8 Custom 'Trials Fusion' Tracks [Xbox One]

Trials Fusion is finally upon us. Aside from the endless hours you can spend playing the built-in tracks, there is a whole other side of Fusion: Track Central. This is where the game’s life really grows legs. 
Trials Evolution on the Xbox 360 was always fresh due to the endless stream of quality tracks from various builders and Trials Fusion will be no different. The only downside is that custom tracks will only appear in Track Central for the platform the tracks were created on. Hopefully this changes in the future but for now, this article will focus on the quality tracks that have appeared on Track Central on the Xbox One console in the first week. 
Here are my personal top 8 picks (in no particular order):

Track name: Ruby
Creator: KaliniuS
Difficulty: Medium
Description: I spent a lot of time making tracks in Trials Evolution and learned a ton about how to effectively make tracks. As of this writing, this is the highest rated track on Track Central, made by yours truly. This track has some beautiful environments, high speed and big jumps. It’s got something for everyone; from the seasoned veteran to newcomers. Definitely check it out.

Track name: Jungle Fever
Creator: Kush Land 604
Difficulty: Medium
Description: This track has you driving through some temple ruins in the jungle. It’s got a fast drive line with some technical time savers. Excellent use of foliage and it’s not too difficult for Trials newbies.

Track name: Prologue - Hell Awaits
Creator: Cruelty976
Difficulty: Medium
Description: One of the top creators in Trials Evolution returns on the Xbox One. This track follows Cruelty976’s theme of dark/ horror themed tracks. You ride through a dead forest, raging with fire. This is another track that’s easy to pass but difficult to master. Nice camera work and atmosphere here.

Track name: Nature
Creator: kronenb
Difficulty: Medium
Description: This track places you right in the middle of a forest. It's made well and even has a beehive you can hit with your bike. This track can be pretty hard to pass without faulting and is a more difficult than your standard medium track. Still, I highly recommend this track!

Track name: Antarctica
Creator: Kush Land 604
Difficulty: Hard
Description: Beautiful track. You drive through a technical outdoor factory during a snowstorm. Superb use of lights and colors by the track builder. The drive line is a bit technical, almost “extreme” in difficulty but not quite. It can be mastered with some practice and is incredibly rewarding when you hit every obstacle perfectly.

Track name: Unauthorized
Creator: Monstified
Difficulty: Medium
Description: This one stands out in a sea of mediocrity. Lots of interesting things happening in the background and the drive line is not too difficult. The use of color and lights in the track is done very well. You also get some huge airtime at the end. The ending is also entertaining. Another thing this track has is a custom challenge menu. Hit RB to pull that up during the track. Highly recommended.

Track name: Extinction
Creator: ll ManOnFire ll
Difficulty: Extreme
Description: Another top track builder from Evolution returns to Fusion on the Xbox One. His first Fusion track doesn’t disappoint. Its an easier extreme track (some people may read that as an oxymoron). It’s got a great flow when you hit the obstacles right and has lots of background detail. ll ManOnFire ll has also made a medium version of this track so more people can enjoy it. What a nice fellow…

Track name: They Live 2188
Creator: KaliniuS
Difficulty: Medium
Description: It’s a futuristic version of the 1988 cult classic movie “They Live.” Press RB or click down on the right stick to toggle your sunglasses on or off. While the change is merely visual, it adds a lot to the whole package and makes the theme unique. The track itself has lots to look at so it’s easy to get distracted. Easy to pass but difficult to get the platinum medal. I think this will keep people coming back again and again.
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