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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Apotheon Looks Amazing

Apotheon, the 2D action combat game is coming to PS4. I know a lot of you might skip over small and cheap titles like this one but I think you should give it a chance. We have two games in the same(-ish) style coming out. We have the game in question, Apotheon and then we have Aztez (I will include videos to both after the jump).

Apotheon has a beautiful art-style that looks like an ancient Greek tapestry has come to life and, judging by the amout of blood, is generally displeased with the whole affair. Aztez's art is in a similar style but has a slightly more comic style about it as well as having a 3D map by which you can travel across the recreated (and historically accurate) Valley of Mexico. Link to coverage here.

The Apotheon devs had this to say about the combat mechanics:

"We were never much for button-mashy or combo based fighters, which I think have a bit of a stranglehold on 2D action games (especially melee focused ones). Instead of giving players a shopping list of moves and combos to memorize, we just give a set of basic actions. You can move, jump, attack, block, roll, and throw. Learned skills like timing, positioning, and reading your opponent’s movements are at the core here."

I actually really like this approach, you don't have a really powerful move that you can fall back on if you are in trouble, time it right and use the attacks you are given to get out of tough situations. I would have to say that between Apotheon and Aztez I am slightly more excited for Apotheon. I mean, look at that artwork:

Also, look at that spear throwing. Archery and throwing spears will always get me interested in a game. Aztez, while it has a somewhat similar art direction seems to be quite a bit more brutal, which I am more than okay with. It also is a little less 'realistic' which isn't a bad thing at all. I don't even know if using the word 'realistic' applies when talking about this genre but with the ridiculously long jumps and extremely powerful attacks that's what I am going with. The devs behind Aztez, Team Colorblind, mention these among the key features of the game:
  • 4+ complete weapon sets: the spear, the club, the ritual knife, the legendary obsidian sword, and more.
  • Finely tuned array of enemies based on the Aztec archetypes: the Eagle warriors, the Jaguar warriors, the Noble warriors, the combat Priests, and more.
  • Customizable avatar; beat the gear off of your enemies and wear it!
  • 30+ combat environments based on real Aztec cities.
And here is a short teaser for that game: 

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