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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Battlefield 3 For Free

So, you can just go ahead and download BF3 for free from Origin. While it may not be the greatest game in the world I still regularly get on the multiplayer and get some hardcore Metro going. There is no feeling quite like running around enclosed spaces yelling YATYATATATATATATATATAT YATATATTATATATT with my cat getting very confused and my girlfriend having another reason to reassess her life and how she got to this point.

But still, I like it. If you are looking for an arcady shooter then I would definitely get it. Hell, even if you aren't, it's free! 

I know that people often love to compare COD to BF but really it is a very different experience. With COD it is all about that dopamine train, getting kill after kill after kill. It is true that BF seem to be moving cloer and closer in this direction, as a whole BF is more about freedom and jumping into a jet of you want or running and gunning or setting up a good sniping spot. 

Really, it is like a very constricted version of Arma. Kinda, but not really at all. I understand what I am saying at least.

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