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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Battlefield 4 to get Community Test Platform

As I am sure some of you will have read in my previous posts, I have given BF4 a hard time. It's not because I hate the series or I am a COD fanboy. It's because I love the franchise and I just wish that they would up their game. Honestly it's depressing to think that BFBC2 and BF4 are within the same franchise. 

With that said, it seems like DICE are really focusing on improving the experience of the game and that is something that we should encourage. Moves like this are a step in the right direction, regardless of whether it should have happened earlier or not.

That doesn't mean it is all sunshine and rainbows. I still believe that I wouldn't recommend anyone to buy BF4 just yet and to refrain from pre-ordering any EA title. It's just to risky, which is sad that we can make a statement like that about such an influential company within the industry, but it is what it is. 

Now, on to the substance of this CTE.  An anonymous source within the company has said: 
"Among the first things we will work on is the 'Netcode,' which is what the player experiences with the game world including player-to-player interactions like damage registration. This involves tweaking to the 'tickrate' servers and networking in general."

This is great news, one of the largest problems with BF4 (and BF3 for that matter) is netcode and it is good to see that it is being addressed. 

Here is a screenshot of what Premium BF4 players can expect when logging into the CTE:

This is definitely not everything that must be done to win back the trust of their community but it is definitely a step in the right direction. 
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