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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

BF4 For Free - Today Only

Today (27th May) Battlefield 4 is free to PS Plus users, will be able to download the game for a 20 hour trial. I am sure that they have done tests to see when the users interest peaked and that is how they came up on the time. Or it is completely arbitrary.

So, I have begun to hear that BF4 is beginning to resemble something of a fixed game, and with this trail offer it seems like that is what they really want to push here, it would be crazy stupid to offer this if it wasn't the case.

I guess that while I am trying to fix my PC I will give this a go. Download it, blast through the story and get a good few hours of multiplayer in. To be honest I might pick this game up if it is in the state that we would like it to be.  I know that the BF series isn't for everyone and to be honest I am not expecting much from the game but hopefully I will be surprised with what comes of it.

For me BF has always been a multiplayer game that I love to sink hours into when I have nothing else to play. It's impossible to play it competitively since the netcode is so goddamn terrible, but jumpin in an attack chopper and raining death from the skies is pretty damn fun.

Can we just get a new BFBC now please? It is way too long overdue.
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