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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Call Of Duty: Advance Warfare

So, over the last few days we have got quite a bit of information about the new COD game. The first thing that we saw was the screenshot (right). The we learned that Kevin Spacey was going to be in it. This leaves me in a grey area. I love Kevin Spacey, he is definitely one of the greats but I think that COD is the worst franchise available to date. What to do what to do...

The next thing that was revealed was the trailer and the name "Advanced Warfare". Are you kidding? Advanced Warfare? GG guys. From the trailer (below), it seems like one of two things is happening. In this game they are trying to change things up a bit and stamp out any competition from HALO or Titanfall. I mean, this trailer looks a lot like Titanfall and HALO had a romantic romp, which gave a fast paced futuristic FPS.

The verticality and fluidity of the movement shown could really be a great thing to spice up the genre. I know that Titanfall already did it, but if COD comes in with such good movement controls and a much better shooting mechanic then Titanfall is done (which it is already, I think).

The other thing that may be happening with this change in pace (excuse the pun), is to change the focus of modern FPS games. We had a decade of WWII shooters, then just shy of a decade of 'Modern' shooters now it seems like the focus is going to be on futuristic shooters. All in all I think that the trailer has a basic monologue with a pretty uninteresting script delivered superbly by Kevin Spacey.

The best thing that BF5 could possibly do is revert back to WWII FPS, fix everything that went wrong with BF4, because let's face it - that was a clusterfuck, and get good net code. Then, maybe they might be able to take down COD.

BF4 was up against Ghosts, the weakest COD instalment so far and they forgot to turn up to the battle.

Back to the point at hand, what else do we know right now? Well, we know that Kevin Spacey's character is called Jonathon Irons. Really, who is coming up with this shit? "Well, guys, we need a strong name for the main antagonist... Any thoughts?" to which someone must have replied "What about: Max Steel or John Irons"

This really is devolving into a 12 year old's vision of what an FPS is. Let's recap:
1) PMCs are super secret and scary (but not really, at all actually)
2) Advanced Warfare (C'mon guys...)
3) Jonathan Irons (Okay, that's it.. I'm done)

I know that some of you might be thinking that I shouldn't berate a game so much until I have seen it properly. That is true of a new IP, or of a continuing IP that has brought something good to the table. In recent years COD qualifies for neither of these. Scepticism is the only way to approach a new game in this franchise. They are not deserving of the benefit of the doubt.

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