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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

CD Projekt Continue To Be Awesome

CD Projekt who are, for my money, one of the best developers out there have said something that really shouldn't be worthy of news coverage and yet, here we are. 

The devs behind The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt have said that there will be no platform exclusive content and that they wish to "treat all gamers equally". Such a strange thought in today's climate of 'pre-order from Best Buy to get this DLC or Walmart to get this DLC'. It should never have happened to begin with and I am glad that CDP are taking a stand on it. 

Marcin Iwanski then went on to say:
"We'll not deliver exclusive content to any of the platforms, nor will we artificially delay release of the game on any of the platforms because somebody's paying us money for that. It's definitely against our values," 

This is taking a firm stance given that some of the largest franchises in the world now make this common practice, Watch_Dogs, COD and Destiny to name just a few. 

I was already hyped about W:3, this just ensures that I will definitely pick it up release week. 

CD Projekt are a world class studio and I have ever confidence that they will nail this game. I'm also excited to see how Cyberpunk turns out for them when that finally releases. 
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