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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Dying Light Delayed Until 2015 + Gameplay Video

Dying Light has been delayed until February next year. I am not entirely surprised by the move and I think that we will see a few more push backs in the run up to E3. The game holds a lot of promise but whether this delay is to fix technical problems or to realise the full potential is unclear.

Sure, they have a press release (included after the jump) that has been sent out 'explaining' why it was delayed but these are rarely filled with actual reasons. Not that I am blaming Techland for this, there are always 100 outside factors that must be considered when you are putting something out to the public. Some logical, some idiotic. It's just the nature of the business. 

The press release said: 
"We believe the Natural Movement element of our game will change what you expect from the genre, and we don’t want to sacrifice any of its potential by releasing too early. This quality-focused thinking underlines all our development choices and we hope you share our belief that the gameplay must always come first."

Perhaps this is exactly what is happening but I don't think so. If every developer delayed a game because they thought it could be better, no game would ever be released. With that said I am willing to give Techland the benefit of the doubt and remain hyped for this game. 

There are a few niggles that I have about what may happen with this game. First and foremost of me worries is that it becomes Dead Island... I don't mean gameplay wise, but rather that they have a game so filled with potential and never really utilise any of it. 

The second worry I have is that the combat (not unlike Dead Island) looks very 'airy' - I mean to say that it doesn't look like there is any feeling of contact when you behead a zombie. 

Anyway, here is a video which compiles the gameplay we have seen so far, and you can judge for yourself. 

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