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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Far Cry 4 Racist?

The internet decided to flip their shit for a while about the Far Cry 4 box art that was released (right). I really wish that this was a discussion that wasn't necessary, however, so long as people keep saying dumb shit online, I will continue writing these rants. Well, is FC4 racist? Nope. Asked and answered. Done. 

So, what is the controversy? Well, allow me to give you a few select quotes: "The Far Cry 4 box art is racist. You all see that, right?", "Colonization, white privilege, white supremacy, systemic racism, and white saviour role to name a few." or "The moment I saw the picture, I felt my heart sank. An evil character, wearing all purple, having an edgy stylish modelesque haircut, hand resting on a guys head...I instantly thought they could be making a gay antagonist. " 

I will try and deal with these in reverse order and point by point;
"I felt my heart sank" [sic] - Really? If this is what, in your life, makes your heart sink you are a very lucky person. 
"An evil character wearing all purple [...] a gay antagonist" -C'mon, try harder. A bad guy being gay is incidental and irrelevant.  Jumping to conclusions about the sexuality of a character because of their attire is the only piece of homophobia (strong word actually. Maybe stereotyping is better) that is happening here. 

"Colonization" - I don't think that word means what you think it means. 
"White Privilege" - Ruling over the native inhabitants of a country does not grant you membership to the 'white privilege' country club. It makes you a dick. That's all. 
"White Supremecy" - This is the belief that white people are superior to others. We don't even know if the main antagonist is white but we are ready to jump to conclusions of his political stance? C'mon guys 
"systemic racism" - So now we are not only making assumptions of the antagonists political bias, but how the non-existent government of a fictional game runs it's country? gg. 
"White Savior" - We really have no idea at all what the protagonist looks like yet and we are already assuming that he is part of some racist system. Awesome. 

 "The Far Cry 4 box art is racist. You all see that, right?" - Nope. 

Let's assume the main 'bad guy' in this is gay. So what? Bad guys do bad things because they are bad not because they are gay.  If you don't understand understand that concept that I don't know why any of us should even bother.

Let's assume the main 'bad guy' in this is white. So what? Bad guys do bad things to people because they are bad.

If I have an army and I decide to invade Ghana and enslave it's inhabitants, it's not because I am racist but because I am a dick. Furthermore, let's assume that he is racist. That doesn't make the game racist. It means that bad people are bad.

Who would've thought, huh?

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