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Thursday, May 1, 2014

inb4 Assassin's Creed Movie is a Failure

So it looks like the Assassin's Creed movie is actually happening. Really, I'm not even kidding! This project
was announced a long time ago, rumours were flying and then everything disappeared. Probably because any-time there is a mildly successful video game people start to talk about who should play who in it (solely based on looks of course) and then it never happens... or, it does happen and it ends up being terrible. I say that it ends up being terrible but I have watched the Hitman movie quite a few times, I love the series and have a serious man-crush on Timothy Olyphant (If you haven't seen him in Justified yet, do yourself a favour...).

Back to the point at hand. It seems like Ubisoft have managed to get a competent director and a good actor for the lead role. Justin Kurzel is taking the role of director and Michael Fassbender will be playing Desmond Miles. I really don't know if this will fail as spectacularly as other movie adaptations of video games but I have a feeling that it might.

During an interview Fassbender said this about the project:
“We’re just developing the script at the moment. I’d heard of it but had never played the game. I don’t have a video game player … that’s not what they’re called. [Laughs] I met up with the guys from Ubisoft and they told me the story behind it, and I thought it was very interesting—the idea of reliving memories.”

"Video game player"? You tried. As much as we can laugh at him for his slip up, this might actually be a good thing. He has no real idea about the video games and no interest in how successful they have been thus far. That means he must have seen something really interesting in the pitch that was presented to him in order to get him on board. 

Say what you will about Prometheus (I loved it), Fassbender is a great actor and rarely stars in bad movies. He had great roles in 300, 12 Years a Slave, Shame and Band of Brothers to name a few

This will probably fail but here is to living optimistically. Kinda...
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