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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Dev Diary

The guys behind Kingdom Come: Deliverance have put out a new video detailing some of the features that they are currently working on implementing prior to the games release. If you haven't been following the production of this game I suggest that you start doing some digging. I am really excited about this and I don't think my body is ready for this to be a failure. I need this.

The video (included after the jump) details the archery mechanic in the game, which does look pretty nice, as well as shields and mini-games. The video is just recorded off a screen using a camera during an internal meeting but it worked in keeping me informed and hyped about the game. So, mission accomplished, I guess.

Here is the video in question. As I said before this is definitely not the best video, aesthetically, they have put out but it does a good job of keeping us in the loop as to what is happening in the studio.

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