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Saturday, May 10, 2014

New Alien: Isolation Trailer

The new Alien: Isolation trailer really sets the mood well for the upcoming survival horror take on the classic franchise. I am surprised that we haven't seen this take on the IP before, it seems like the natural fit for the story.

With that said I am cautiously optimistic for what this version will bring to the table and this trailer (after the jump) doesn't change that viewpoint. I mean, it looks pretty and tense as hell but when you are taking on such a loved franchise your storytelling needs to be something from the top drawer. There is no going half-assed with this. We can have a great story or a simple story told extremely well.

If at any point we find out that the main character of this story, who is Ripley's daughter, didn't tell anyone about the Aliens because she was shushed by some amoral, all knowing company, I won't be very happy.

With that said, enjoy:

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