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Thursday, May 15, 2014

New Rockstar Game

It has been announced that Rockstar are working on a new title which will be released on Playstation 4 and Xbox One.  During Take Two's earnings call it was said that they are working on the title for the newest generation of consoles and that it would be released this fiscal year.

So, given that we are talking about this fiscal year, which will bring us to the end of March 2015, what do we think they are working on? Well, I did post an article here on Tuesday about rumours of a Red Dead Redemption port that appeared on a Microsoft website. I guess it is possible that they are building up the hype for a sequel to the game by getting the port to PC before release.

It is also possible that at E3 someone will announce on Rockstar's behalf that they are beginning a 'port season' where we will get a few console exclusives on PC and better optimised than that which we saw with the GTA:IV port.

At this moment all we have to go on is speculation so here is to hoping that we hear something good at E3 and that GTA:V gets fixed.

That would be nice.
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