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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Super HOT's super hot kickstarter

So, I know that I have gone on tirades against Kickstarter before and, honestly, that opinion hasn't changed just because I love this game. I can't see myself ever backing a project on Kickstarter or pre-ordering games.

With that said, I really hope that this project continues to breaking through it's stretch goals. I will link to the game's kickstarter page and a playable demo after the jump so you can get a better idea of what to expect since it is hard to describe, but I will try nonetheless.

This game is an FPS-ish affair. Think, The Matrix by way of Mirror's Edge & The Manchurian Candidate it really is beautiful and a breath of fresh air in the genre. The game originally appeared in August 2013 as part of the 7 Day Shooter Challenge.

Oh yeah, you also control time. When you move time moves, when someone shoots at you, there is a choice to be made, do I shoot back and possible get hit? Do I move and allow time to speed up again?  Hard to explain and easy to get a hang of, from the prototype.

When I mentioned The Manchurian Candidate aspect of the game it's simply because there is this overbearing feeling that you are not really in control.  Are these people I'm killing faceless because that's an art choice or because I am choosing to ignore them? What is this voice that keeps talking? Very brainwashy.

I do, however, hope that they don't go in this direction with the plot of the full title. It seems very cliché and super obvious. I have no doubt that the gameplay will be awesome regardless.

In 24 hours the project has hit it's 100k goal and it looks like (at the time of writing) they will easily smash their 120k goal as well.

I will wait for this game to have a full release next year before I put money into it but given what it is offering I don't blame people one iota for dropping cash into it so early, especially since we have a prototype to play and get a feel for the project. This does a lot to alleviate some worries of broken promises.
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