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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Battlefield: Hardline Gameplay Leaked

So, there is now leaked footage of legit BF:Hardline footage. Now before I even start on what I think of this, I know that I am being judgemental but that is okay, because I will be right. As always.

The video looks a lot like BF4. There has been a lot of hate for people saying that online and many people have rushed to the defence of the new title stating that we haven't seen enough gameplay yet. That much is true, but come on... what do we expect from this title?

Are we expecting the destruction to be totally revamped? Maybe entirely new way of playing the game? An interesting new concept? If you believe any of that I have a bridge to sell you.

Let's face it, this will have reused assets and gameplay mechanics. That in itself isn't necessarily the worst thing in the world, see: Fallout: New Vegas. The problems begin to arise with the shoehorned in new theme. Are we really expected to believe that the cops in LA have 50 cal. machine guns, attack choppers and fighter jets? Please.

This game could work if they favoured tactical play over all out spray and pray as well as making it a little more realistic. But shit, what the hell do I know. This game will be successful, I know that much. Being successful and being good are two very different things.

So then the question becomes how much credence should we give the developer/publisher? Well, we should focus on the publisher, they are the ones that will dictate the release date and how much time the team will have to polish the game.

So, how much do we trust EA?


Battlefield Hardline Beta Gameplay przez l0ckz
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