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Monday, June 16, 2014

#E32014 Best Action Game - 'Evolve', Turtle Rock Studios

My 'Best Action Game' at E3 2014 goes to Evolve. Without a doubt the most fun cooperative online shooter I played at the show, and certainly one of my most anticipated future releases. I know some of you are thinking, "Shouldn't that be an FPS, not an Action game?" and sure, we could go down that road. However, there's a lot of action, so I'm sticking with it.

Cool? Cool.

The thing that really stood out for me about Evolve was just how important each class is while trying to defeat the monster. Each of the four classes - Assault, Trapper, Medic, and Support - have their roles in battle and if they fail to perform, your team simply won't win. It really is that black and white.

I had the opportunity to play as both a Medic and the monster, and was quite surprised with how stark of a contrast the feeling was while playing. As a Medic I was in charge of keeping my team alive and marking the boss, opening up weak points with each sniper shot I landed. When a teammate went down it was up to me to get them back into the game. There was an incredible sense of teamwork and responsibility given to me, and I loved every second.

Without a strong Medic, no team will ever win. Honestly. It's an incredibly important role to play so make sure whoever is behind the sticks knows what they are doing.

The monster on the other hand felt forever alone. It's you against the world and it truly feels that way. There is no one to heal you. No other monster to help you fight. If you get low on health it's up to you to find other, smaller monsters to eat, all the while being trapped and shot at by four pesky humans. It's angering, frustrating, and more than anything... lonely. 

It's a stark contrast from the Hunter side and a feeling that Turtle Rock Studios absolutely nailed.

Surprisingly enough I was able to achieve victory as both the monster and the Hunters (Medic). As Medic I stayed back, launched sniper shots at the enemy, and revived/healed my teammates when needed. We communicated well, tracked the monster appropriately, and before his second stage he was done.

The monster was much more difficult. I immediately searched for the Medic, knowing from my experience with him that unless he's taken out, I won't stand a chance. He was easy, honestly. Still not sure if the guy even know what a controller was used for. The other three took a bit longer, trapping me well and hitting for a ton of damage. Problem for them was that I was able to get into my final evolution and once that happens, it's over.

I jumped out of my chair in victory, shook the devs hand, and never once did I even think that I hadn't just taken over the world. It's an amazing feeling to win as the monster and one that I hope all of you get to experience.

Great job Turtle Rock Studios. You've created something very special. A game that will hopefully stand the test of time. I certainly know it will be played a lot on my stream. 
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