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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

New Arkham Knight Batmobile Trailer

For someone that doesn't like to kill other people, Batman sure as shit as a lot of guns that kill people in his car. In the newest Arkham Knight trailer we got to see The Batmobile. In case you didn't already know, Batman has pimped the shit outta his ride.

60 mm cannon? Check. Vulcan Gun w/ Incendiary Rounds? Check. Laser Guided Missiles? Check. Riot Control Guns? Check. To make this even better, you can switch between super fast Batmobile and super tank Batmobile in an instant. The trailer also promises that we will be treated to more gameplay at E3. Since we will be at E3 we can try our very best to get you guys some footage up as soon as we have something.  Also, just in case no one has said it yet, goddamn Arkham Knight looks like a total badass, right?

I really do trust this IP in Rocksteady's hands, they have done nothing but impress so far. Also, fluidity seems to be the main theme that they are pushing with this marketing campain. Flow between each mode of the car effortlessly, jump out of the car directly into combat and, of course, the great fluidity of the Batman fighting mechanics.

All in all I would say that this game is shaping up to be a whole load of fun!
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