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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Sniper Elite V2 Free on Steam

Sniper Elite III is coming out pretty soon.  If you are new to the series, today is a good day for you. You can head right on over to the steam store and pick up Sniper Elite V2 for free.

The deal only lasts for 24 hours so you had best be quick about it. The games has the best sniping mechanics in the industry right now. Notice the use of the word 'best' not 'most realistic'. The bullet drop in this game is crazy. Granted, I am no expert but I know the muzzle velocity of WWII snipers was somewhere in and around 850 m/s. Not slow enough for you to aim a mile above an enemy's head at 200m.

This really isn't a downside to the game, when you try it with none of the assists and you get a headshot on an enemy sniper 400m away first try. You feel like some sort of acute lead poison dealing demi-god. In short, it's fun.

The one downside of this game, and it's a big one, is the AI. If you fire a single shot any enemy that has spawned now knows exactly where you are. Enemy snipers WILL see you before you see them, and everything in the game that isn't sniping is somewhat of a chore.

So, how do you get by this? Easy. Turn the entire game into a snipe-fest. Kill every single thing that you see moving. Headshots aren't everything in this game. Shoot a grenade on the belt of a soldier in a group for a tasty 5-in-1, or become truly evil and line up a shot to watch a nazi's testicles explode in X-ray vision.

Why? Just, why?
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