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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Splatoon Local Multiplayer

Nintendo had a pretty strong E3 this year. Of course, it could have been better. 'Pokemon MMORPG' *drops mic* Sony quits the console business and Microsoft decides to never come to E3 ever again. But alas, it didn't happen. Again.

Anyway, what they did show was still pretty good. I know that most people got pumped about the upcoming Zelda game but for me the best thing shown by them has got to be Splatoon. It looks like a fun shooter with a tactical element. Perhaps it isn't a console seller on the same level as some of the other games they announced or even MK8 but it has definitely got me to consider buying one.

To make matters even better Nintendo have announced that it will have local multiplayer. I am hyped. Soak in this goodness:
“First of all, our plan is to release this as a full retail packaged software in 2015… the first half of 2015. And because we’re releasing this as a full software title, we of course plan to include a single-player mode but then also a one-on-one multiplayer mode that can be played without connecting to the Internet.”
Aww shit son. Get HYPED
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