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Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Phantom Pain Gameplay

I know what you would like to have to kick off your weekend, a 30 minute video of Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain.

I covered most of what I have to say on the mechanics that will be present in the game, or at least what we were shown in Ground Zeroes, in my review which you can read here. The game got a 60/100 from me, despite being the best MGS game I have played (and I have played/love them all). Dat game length tho....

During the 30 or so minutes that we get out of this video we see some of what we saw from E3 last year with a few new mechanics being introduced to this installment such as the Fulton recovery system. If you have played Peacewalker you should already know about this. Basically you can knock an enemy unconscious and have him transported back to Mother Base. Speaking of knocking people unconscious, there are a variety of ways that you can do it in TPP. You can go for the good old tranquilizer or CQC, or you can ask for an ammo crate be delivered and watch it get parachuted straight on to an enemy's head.

This is why I am so pumped about this iteration of MGS.  They have made a pretty dark story; expect child soldiers, decapitations, bombs, torture and blood diamonds... but they have also kept the insane, comical side of MGS that makes everyone love it so much.

The only thing that is left for people to complain about, with this title, is that there is no David Hayter...

I am gonna call it right now. He will show up as Solid Snake at the end of the game after we watch Big Boss becoming full on evil.

For now, enjoy this half hour:
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