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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Watch_Dogs E3 Graphics Found in Game Code

It has been nearly a month since the release of Watch_Dogs and it looks like the whole uproar about the graphics downgrade is just about over, right? Wrong. Here is just a little pro tip for the guys over at Ubisoft. If you don't want players to find out about stuff that you have denied, don't leave evidence of it in the game files. It will be found.

After a while of rooting around in the code a thread was posted to NeoGAF that showed markers like "E3_Bloom" and other ways to improve weather, shadows, lighting, explosions.  There is also a line that says "This is PC only, who cares.", GG guys.

So, who cares? Well, the problem is not that the game doesn't look as good as it did at E3. That is now, unfortunately, the norm for the industry. The problem is that Ubi PR denied that there was any downgrade at all. Okay, well surely now they will backpedal that they can see that people have found them out? Nope, they are sticking to their guns in the face of the evidence.

To make matters worse, they can't even argue that this was a performance based decision. I mean, the game does run like crap on PC but the weird thing is that it runs better with the graphical improvements. I did the tweaks to my copy of the game last night and I now have no stuttering or any kind of issues like I did before. The depth of field could do with some minor tweaks but I think that they are coming in the near future.

The problem now is, why did they do this? We don't have a comment from Ubi and, presumably, they will continue to deny that this file (that I have seen and tweaked) even exists. I would guess that it was either to make the game look equal on next gen platforms and PC or simply that they didn't have any time to perfect the effects to they made the decision to take them out in order to meet their, already delayed, deadline.

Whatever it was, I doubt Ubisoft will loose much sleep over this considering how much money they have made on it. 
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