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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

You Know What's Cooler Than Zombies? Dinosaurs!

Okay, so I lied. Zombies aren't really cool any more, but dinosaurs definitely are. There really has been a severe lack of solid dinosaur games since the original Turok. Goddamn that game was fun.

Perhaps Dino Horde could qualify. I mean, it is definitely a solid game it just doesn't get me as excited as Turok, but then, maybe that is just what happens when you have a lifetime to get fucked over on promise after promise made by developers. The 90's was an easier time... To be fair I am sure the same shit happened then too, I was just too naive to care.

Anyway, there is a new game landing on Steam early access with survival and building and killing stuff. Oh yeah, and dinosaurs too. I first heard about this game a good few months ago on a reddit thread when one of the devs posted screenshots of what it looked like during development. As you would expect it looked like shit... but hell, it was a game with a T-rex in it so it was fine by me.

I really think that I would be okay if Dinosaur survival became the new thing over zombie survival. But then again, I did say that I would be okay if modern shooters became the new thing over WWII shooters.  I guess my point is that I am pumped about this game.

If you guys haven't seen anything about it yet head on over to the steam page, which you can find here. Whatever you do, please remember that buy purchasing a game in early access you are only doing it to help the developer test the game and give feedback. Do NOT buy it now and then complain in one month when some bugs haven't been fixed... you make us all look bad.

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